Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ahoy Matey...Treasure!

Hello my good people!

Happy Tuesday one and all……I was going to be really annoying and start with a big fat juicy HAPPY CHRISTMAS (see Lorna, I have reinstated the Christ!), but I decided I did not want to lose any of my beautiful loyal followers at such a late stage of my journey! I was listening to the radio today and the DJ kept saying ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’ to people on air and I was like ‘IT’S FLAMING NOVEMER…let’s get over movember first!’  Sooooo annoying!

Anywho, I have had a really exciting week this week. I am suffering from terrible insomnia at the moment…yawwwwn. At night time, I have started rooting through the back of my wardrobe. I have found treasures in the form of clothes from my….ahem….youth which I thought would never fit me again.

Now when I say youth, I mean like last year! I was never much of a skinny mini as a teenager, apart from that time I contracted campylobacter or some other exotic-sounding food poisoning which left me addicted to pethadine (yes the stuff they give women in labour) and weighing in at about 7 stone 3lbs. Wonderful time of my life which lasted about a week after I starting eating again!

The first of these treasures was a pair of uber flattering stonewash-grey jeans from La Boutique de la New Look (very posh and exclusive). These jeans are about 6 years old and are my most favouritist jeans ever when they fit me. And when they don’t fit me they are the worst jeans ever. They are what I call my ‘indicator’ jeans, that is, they are the jeans that tell me if I’ve got fatter or skinnier. They are very worn at the bottoms, and my mother keeps telling me they are only fit for the bin. The last time they fitted me (definition of fitted: closing without the existence of a ‘muffin top’) was last September. This time 3 months ago, they would not even close on me, which is what led me to wind myself up into a Hurricane Sandy-like rage and dispose of them to the back of my wardrobe.

On Saturday, my owlish tendencies led me to try them on. This is how they looked:

Not only do they fit me, but for the first time in 4 years, they are actually LOOSE on me!!! I ached to run around the house screaming in a non-drug induced ecstasy, but I value my life far too much (mom would have gotten the wooden spoon to me).

My second feat happened last night at approximately 2am (Irish time). Again, I a pottering about fuelled by my unnatural nocturnal energy. From the back of my wardrobe, I pulled another treasure…a size ten dress that a bought during my first week back from Australia last year. I got it in Swamp to wear to my good friend Rob’s epic birthday bash. It is the only night I wore it, as I reignited my love of Irish Cider in the weeks after and was always to bloated to wear it on nights out.

With caution, I tried it on. The zip went up seamlessly without me having to squeeze myself into sexy spanks, or indeed suck myself in til I felt ill. BINGO!!! My waist looked nice and trim in it…DELIGHTED! I could still afford to lose a few lbs in order for it to look magnificent, but hey…SCORE!!!!! Christmas dress SORTED!

I am so happy right now…it is the BEST FEELING EVER!!! This is the point in the weightloss process where it becomes addictive. Though I don’t think it is the act of losing weight that is addictive, but rather the FEELING it gives to you.

The last few weeks have I made few couple of adjustments to my diet, and I feel all the better for it. I have cut out grapes and started drinking sparkling water. I have always been good for drinking my two litres of water, but since I started drinking sparking water I have been eating less. I have also been diluting it with a little Lime cordial which is warding off any sugar cravings I get from time to time. Other than that, I am eating plenty eggs, lean meat and veggies! 

Exercise-wise, I did not do my challenge last week but plan on getting to Galway later this week to do it. I am still doing my Metafit (thanks Roisin & Gerry for putting out extra weights), kettlebells, dancercise, sean –nós dancing and jogging.  

I am most definitely on the home straight now WOOOOHOOOO!!!! There is part of me that wants to hop on the scales, but I am a bit afraid in case my weight doesn’t reflect how much smaller I feel – that would drive me crackers!

Here’s to another great week!!! 

P.S. Can’t thank Shauna (and Gareth!!!) enough for all the support!!! You guys are awesome! 


  1. Well Siobhan, from myself (and Gareth), we would both like to say HUGE congrats... you reap the benefits of what you sew (or something along those lines, ha) as they say, and you my dear are most definitely reaping!!! :) I'm so proud of you and I hope that this great feeling follows you for life, not just for Christmas, cos another thing "they" say is this... it's not just for Christmas ;) Keep up the fantastic work and ill see you Thursday for another butt busting challenge :) Shauna

    1. Thanks so much Shauna!!! I feel so in control atm! It's brilliant! See you Thurs xxx


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