Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Putting the Super back into Loser......yeeeeehaaw!

Hey everyone! 

What a weekend/start to my week! 


On Saturday, I dressed up for Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I had planned to go out sober and be home by midnight so I would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Bryan Adams on Sunday.  

So that did not exactly happen....

I had quite a bit to drink, but I don't feel bad about it. I had such a great night, and woke up the next morning as if I had laughed for the whole night! I had been so down in the dumps last week - I think I needed to go mad!  And mad I went....I drank a wide variety of beverages - everything from high-end cheap wines to premium quality Miller to top class Huzzar vodka. I think the last time I drank so much was the August Bank Holiday. I probably should not be writing this here in case future employers stumble across this blog. But hey, as we established last week, I am not a powerpuff girl

I must confess, however, I ate about six million tomato sandwiches when I got home from my night out. On white bread. But I have learned that I must not dwell on such boo boos. 


On Sunday, I was so hungover. It made me realise why I don't drink copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.  I woke up with my pillow stuck to my face (obviously, I had not taken my make-up off). I totally forgot the time changed and was running around like a headless chicken for fifteen minutes before I realised I actually had time to get the muck off my face. 

 I had to endure the longest car journey to Westport to catch the train to Dublin. It was sheer hell. I cannot even begin to describe the discomfort I was in. It is a real wonder I did not puke along the way. I felt every bump in the road between Achill and Westport. 

I got to Dublin at around 5pm Sunday - and still had not graced my stomach with any kind of food. My friend Edel picked me up from the train and we went to TGI Fridays. Being hungover, I craved carbs and all things salty. However I fought my cravings and ordered a chicken salad. It was nomilicious.

After dinner, we toddled off to the Olympia to see Bryan Adams. I am not going even start speaking about it as I won't stop. The concert was fantastic! 


On Monday, I woke up hoarse. Unfortunately, my stomach was still feeling dodgy and I could not face any kind of food until around lunchtime. I had a chicken wrap in the lovely Brasco's Restaurant in Skerries. It was lovely - Brasco's is definitely a treasure! So yummy! 

Come evening time, I sat my shapely backside upon a GoBus and got myself to Galway. I arrived late Monday night and stayed at Shauna. She terrorised me with chocolate cake, but I fought my cravings and came out the better person. I think she was testing me. 


On Tuesday, my stomach finally started to feel better. I spent the morning carving pumpkins with Shauna - so much fun! Here is our handiwork...I did the one on the right. Shauna did three in the time I managed one. But it was my first time. I am no longer a pumpkin carving virgin. 

Shauna and I headed over to Body Dynamics in Knocknacarra for a weight training session with Gareth. It was a challenging session, but I really enjoyed it. Gareth always tells me I look like I am going to burst out crying when I lift weights, but it is just the way I channel my energy I think. I also curse a lot under my breath...I think my Aussie trainer, Marita, can vouch for that! I think I taught that poor woman some swear words! 

I was super proud of myself...I lifted and squatted 60kg!!! Here are a few photos from my session.....

I am back home now and I am beginning to ache...tomorrow ain't gonna be pretty! I did not get a chance to do my challenge, but I am definitely going to do it tomorrow or Thursday - depending on what my mobility is like tomorrow! 

I also found out that I won a competition today! I won a Sothy's Slimming Discovery Kit from Mulranny Health & Beauty . Very excited to see how it works - I will do a review once I get my hands on it! 

I will update you guys on my time challenge when I do it! :) 


P. S. Thanks to Doreen for the lift from Galway! Hope you enjoyed my in-car entertainment!!! :) x

Friday, 26 October 2012

NEWSFLASH: I'm not a Powerpuff Girl afterall...

Happy bank holiday weekend people!!

The aim of this post was to update you guys on my time challenge thing-a-me-bob. Unfortunately, I have not done it yet.

After Tuesday, this week was disastrous. I don't know what happened me at all. I wouldn't say I became less motivated. Rather, my willpower seemed to weaken. Poof. There it went....into thin air, like something something expelled from a chimney (smoke).

I am not a huge sweet person AT ALL. I am much more of  a savory kind of girl. But this week, there was a tin of Roses in the house. The tin just sat there beside our shiny Saorview box and played mind games with me all week. I swear, it grew puppy-dog eyes, arms and legs. The tin was on it's knees gaping at me with a Puss In Boots-like expression on it's face.

Like, how could I say no to that?

So yeah, I ate quite a number of sweets. I was good with my eating besides, but the guilt from eating the sweets just really got to me. 

That all had a bit of a knock on effect of making me feel like giving up. As a result, I did not go for my jogs nor could I motivate myself to do the challenge. I did dance every day but I suppose my body is so used of that now that it makes little difference to anything. 

It's all a bit of a fuck up really. 

This has happened before - that I get demotivated. But I guess it's the sign of one thing - I'm human. Damn it for years I thought I was some kind of powerpuff-esque superhero (The Powerpuff Girls were superheros, right?). I didn't see Shauna this week either, so the lack of her motivational magic was the equivalent of a perfectly baked cake missing the cherry on top. All my fault. 

The Dream is Over

So what do I do now??? I cop the feck on and get up of my arse and do something about it! I have submitted a written request to the oul pair for the Roses to be removed from beside the shiny Saorview box and placed somewhere out of my reach (shouldn't be too difficult - I am a midget at just 5 foot tall (on a good day)).

I will have to go on a super long walk tomorrow and Sunday (you hearing this Gráinne?). It is Halloween this weekend, so not drinking will be hard, but I am determined not to drink. When I drink, I want bread. When I eat bread, I inflate like an over-sized helium balloon. And not a pretty one at that!

O ya, and BRYAN ADAMS is playing in the Olympia on Sunday. Words cannot describe how excited I am. I have to be sober for that, just in case I get to meet him. I would not want the occasion to be ruined by slurred words and general culchie mythering and shite-talk.

So that's that. Disaster. But as the song goes: I get knocked down, but I get up again!

Happy bank holiday!!!

Siob xx

P. S. Sorry Shauna!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Metafit-icent Monday!

Happy Tuesday my good people!I am finally over my high of beating my challenge time last week, and my mind is now thoroughly focused on beating it again this week! I am aiming for 11 minutes this week. It will be a difficult feat, but hell, God loves a trier! Shauna told me her clients are using me as motivation to keep beating their times, which is absolutely great! To all of you, keep it up…and let the best man win ;)

I am now on week four of my challenge, and it is getting easier I think – eating-wise anyway! Like the previous weekend, this weekend I was very good at saying ‘no’ to being bold in the kitchen! I got out for a walk on Saturday and Sunday, which was great! I cooked myself a treat on Saturday evening – my close friends will have heard me rave about this! I stuffed a chicken booby with a little extra light philly, a teeny tiny bit of pesto and a blast of herbs and spices. I baked it in the oven with some pecan nuts, freshly sqeezed orange juice (had no lemon, but it tasted funky), and some tomatoes. I had a big salad with it and it was absolutely scrummy! Nom nom nom!

On Sunday, I went to visit my good friend, Amy. I knew she had made pumpkin pie…and I LOVE pumpkin pie! So I made sure not to eat my dinner before I went, and to instead indulge in a slice of that. I am glad I held out for it as it was really nice (apologies to Colin for stealing some of your weekly college rations!). I went for a stroll when I returned home to make myself feel better about eating pastry!

Amy & Colin's Pumpkin Pie

On Monday, I got hit by a tsunami of boredom. I had decided not to go near my laptop all day, as my eyes are actually turning square. I did some research and found out that there was an exercise class on not too far from my house (The Sound Hall for any Achill people reading and interested in going!). I roped my cousin Emma in, and off we went. The first half of the class was made up of two rounds of circuits with about ten different stations of weight-lifting, sit-ups, lunges, kettlebells, tricep dips, and so on. It was good, and definitely got my heart rate up – though the weights were not as heavy as I am used of lifting. The second part of the class was something called Metafit, which I hadn't heard of before. Metafit is a 30 minute workout which combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire. Basically, we followed instructions for three sets of three exercises which were performed three times each (if my memory serves me correctly). We had 15 seconds rest between each set. The sets were made up of exercises such as sumo-squates, lunges, push-ups, burpees, and so on. It was a decent work out and I was sparkling with sweet-smelling perspiration by the end of it. To finish, we did some ab work and stretching. Thanks so much to Roisin and her dad for making the class so enjoyable!! I will definitely be going again! :)

I woke up this morning in great form (not sore at all...DOMS seems to have listened to me when I told them to feck off before!!!)...

...which was soon dampered by a pending hair appointment. For anyone who knows me,  my hair is my everything. Before today, I had not had it cut in almost a year. Getting in cut stresses me out no-end. People just do not understand! However, I manned up and took myself off to Gallahair, my local hair salon. I got a few inches off the bottoms of it, and am quite happy with the cut - it no longer looks like Weils disease-carrying rats tails. But I think I need to be sedated the next time I get my hair cut. It is good to have a decent side-fringe back again  though - thanks Gallahair!

Apart from all that, I don't think I have anything to report. I still feel skinnier than I was, which is great motivation in itself! People have commented that I look like I have lost weight too - but I am wondering whether that is just because they are reading this! Who knows! At the end of the day, what is most important is how I feel!

I will get back to you guys near the end of the week when I have done my challenge!!

Thanks for the continued motivation & support!

Siob xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Week 3: Tears, Ecstasy & Eye Candy :)

Happy weekend :) 

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for the kind donations of ropes and sympathy for Dougal. I am still seeking offers of a kettlebell (at least 8kg) or any kind of weights!!

I know you have all been checking here every day to check how my challenge went, right? Well as they say, you have to wait for the best things in life, eh? :)

I went to Galway on Thursday. I trained with Gareth - Shauna’s boyfriend from Body Dynamics. It was really intense – very much weights-focused. Exercise has never made me cry before, but I was darn well near it on Thursday. I trained along Shauna and to her programme, which I think was way beyond what I am able for. But at the same time, I completed everything - so that must account for something. It was also fantastic to have someone to train alongside. I think the most difficult thing I had to do with the TRX. My feet were elevated using the handles of the TRX, and my hands were on the ground in front of me…it is hard to describe, so here is a clip of what I did. Thank you so much to both Gareth and Shauna for allowing me to train with you!

Shauna wanted me to do the challenge after the session, but I would have cried if I had to do anymore! She eventually gave in, drove me home and made some nomilicious turkey burgers, quinoa, and a beetroot, mint, pecan nut & feta salad. I must get her to write out the recipe so I can share it with you all.

I thought I was going to absolutely ache on Friday morning – and I was really worried that it was going to affect my time. However, thanks to loads of stretching on Thursday, I was as right as rain! I woke from my magnificent slumber at 7.15am. I had a mental chat with myself (you know, usual pleasantries: good morning Siobhán, are you ready to do this shit?), got dressed and took off - as light footed as a baby elephant - down the stairs to Shauna’s studio. Shauna followed, cackled like a witch, and asked me if I was ready. I used the step to warm up. I love using the step as I can really step out the beats to the tunes and it makes me feel really energised!

Not long after, Shauna blew the whistle. I had planned in my head that I was going to follow a different strategy to the previous two weeks. I did ten of each of the exercises in rotation and moved quickly from station to station. This meant my muscles did not fatigue as quickly as before. This week, I really noticed an improvement in my ability to execute each of the exercises without it burning too much – especially the back lunges. I think the reason for this is that I had gone through the exercises a few times during the week – not against the clock, but just to add some variation to my cardio-laden fitness regime.

I was so relieved when I was finished – but I was wrecked too! I had, once again, given it my absolute all. However, like last time, I really was not sure how I did. I seem to lose all concept of time when I am concentrating on…ahem…staying alive! This is me when I did my final back lunge (hate those things).

Shauna looked at me, and a wave of disappointment and sympathy washed over her face. My heart sank. I felt like crying (again – seems I was a ball of emotion last week).
‘It may have been because you changed your strategy….’, Shauna said, with an air of melancholy  in her voice.

‘…but it worked!!! 11 minutes, 33 seconds!!!!’

I screamed and shouted, and an air of absolute satisfaction came over me! I was so happy! I had said in my previous post I hoped to shave one minute off my last time. I knocked one minute and four seconds off it! DEEEEE-LIGHTED! I gave Shauna a big huge massive sweet-smelling sweaty hug, and did little happy dance in my head (my burning limbs prevented me from physically executing a top-class expertly-choreographed one).

Needless to say, I am super happy!

I have been meaning to try to incorporate some pictures into my posts. I know they are really wordy. But I love words. Shauna took a couple of photos of me mid-workout on Friday. Something for you guys to have a laugh at!

Thanks for all the continued support and stuff!! 

Love Siob xxx

P. S. Shauna as an awesome competition running at the moment – just like her page to be entered into it! 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Acrobatic Dogs, Kettlebell Donations & Rope

Hello there!

We have reached the hump in the week. The weekend seems like so long ago…

Well I am into week three at this stage. For those of you who threw an eye on my previous post, you will know that I was quite worried about staying on track over the weekend – no matter how focused I am during the week I usually go crazy at the weekend.  I blame Simon Cowell and the producers of Come Dine With Me. Honestly, with so many hours of…ahem…quality TV, is it any wonder I don’t budge from the couch and scoff on anything that comes within ten meters of me?

This weekend was different. I did awfully well – awfully well indeed (so much so I was GOING TO celebrate on Monday with food; see how I roll?).

To sum up my weekend: work, The X-Factor, acrobatic dogs, chooooons for the starving (Trocaire, not me), and DETERMINATION!

I feel the need to vent about my dog. As is usual for a Sunday afternoon, I took off pounding the village roads (I sound like a professional athlete). I was only two hundred metres into my jog, following in the wake of my beloved Lassie-esqueish dog (Dougal, named after Fr. Dougal from Fr. Ted due to his above average level of intelligence), when a car (dark blue polo, DL reg) came out of nowhere and HIT Dougal. Dougal did a very stylish 360 degree rotation mid-air (tongue hanging out á la Bus Eireann dog), and landed in the ditch. I instantly burst into tears and ran over to the ditch (car had sped off – damn you driver if I ever get my hands on you). Thankfully, Dougal got up and just took off again. PHEW…close shave! Bet you all thought that was going to end badly!

See I told you I rant!

Back to this challenge…It is going very well. I am trying to be strict with my carbs so I am checking labels meticulously and Googling things that don’t have labels. I also made it through the weekend without drinking, something I felt so much better for on Monday. Seeing as I am living at home most of the time now, I thought I would have a problem with snacking.  I have worked on establishing a daily routine, however, and I am keeping my snacking to a minimum. I do enjoy sitting down in front of Corrie with a portion of grapes (1/2 cup or 16 grapes). If I’m still peckish later in the evening, I munch on a concoction of chopped cherry tomatoes sprinkled with pepper, paprika, mixed herbs and chilli. Cherry tomatoes are made up of mainly water, and the seasoning gives them more of a taste. It works for me as often I eat out of boredom, rather than being actually hungry.

Regarding exercise, I have been doing my usual brisk walk/jogging, and I also try to spend 30-45 minutes dancing every other day. I have to start doing some kind of weight training, so I’m going to have to dig out my dumb-bells. I could also do with a kettle bell if anyone fancies donating one to me?  

I am really feeling the benefits of the challenge. I have so much energy and am no longer a crabby biatch. Above all else, my trousers are DEFINTIELY loser than they were three weeks ago. Being so broke, I am going to invest in a high-quality second-hand rope to keep my pants hitched up – though I will gladly accept donations for that too. Good news all around.

I got a text of Shauna this evening saying she got her time down to just over ten minutes. I am seeing her on Thursday. I am going to, once again, give it my all. It would be great to knock a minute of my time and get it down to around eleven and a half minutes. I will report back post-challenge.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me :) 

Siob x

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Excursions of Craziness - 30/30 Class

Having been enlightened with some motivational magic after smashing my challenge time, I decided  that while the going was good, I would tear the sexy backside out of it and do a circuits/boxfit class (something Shauna calls 30/30).

I had done the class before, so I knew what to expect. I was a little worried about the boxing part of things, as my usual boxfit partner, Charlene, could not go to the class. I tend to scare people away with my Katie Taylor-inspired punching. Thankfully, I was paired with a lady who could take my punching ways, and could fairly give them back as well!  I enjoy boxfit so much – it is great for expelling any kind of pent-up frustration. I always feel so energised afterwards too. If you really concentrate on your core muscles while throwing the punches, it really gives your abs a great work-out, as well as your arms, shoulders and upper back.

The circuits were difficult. I was never a huge fan of them. We had loads of different exercises, skiing, front lunges, TRX explosive jumping, jumping jacks, plank, and crunches – with a whole range of stability and core exercises thrown in for good measure. The girls in the class were great though – there was a real energy in them. And you could see how fit they had become since I was at that particular class a couple of months ago.  All that made the experience a far better one. 

Despite being achey from my timed challenge – as well as having a semi-dislike for circuits, I REALLY enjoyed the class. I was expecting to feel sore the next morning, but honestly, my remedy for ouchiness seems to be working. I can tell I was exercising, but to be honest, I am nowhere near as sore as I was last week (I can go to the loo without having to wince!) – just shows the best way to recover is just to get on with it and keep moving!

The weekend is here now, so I have a lot of work to do (having been galavanting all week on the Siobhán McGinty tour of Ireland - coming to a town near you soon!). I am hoping to get out for a jog at some stage, but my biggest concern is eating. Weekends at home are so difficult as the fridge is stuffed with yumminess - typical Irish Mammy Style.

I shall let you all know how I get on. In the meantime, I would like to thank Ruth for the lift to town on Thursday J x

Happy weekend,

Siobhán xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

Week 2 - Smashed

As they say in Honolulu, HALLO-HA!

I had a brief meeting with Shauna from SMC Fitness this week, and she suggested she time me doing the challenge this week – rather than me waiting to get home to get my mom to time me. I became instantly nervous as I did not want to come back here and tell you guys my time if it was worse than last time.

Anyways, she flicked on the music and handed me a 7.5kg kettlebell and I swung that for two minutes. We did some other warm-up exercises but to be honest it was a blur as I was so nervous and focused on my A-game.

The she blew the whistle and started to time me. I implemented a different strategy (I had put a lot of thought into it!) to the last time I did the challenge. I found the get ups and back lunges the most difficult last time so I decided I would get them out of the way first and finish with the exercises I was strongest at (tricep dips, ab crunches and toe touches’. I also tried to stagger the exercises so as I balanced the impact between my legs and my arms.

It felt as if I was going forever – I had convinced myself I would be close to 17 or 18 minutes. I was dying to ask Shauna what time I was on, but I knew she would not tell me and that would be a time waster in itself!

I finished the challenge with 10 ab crunches and I felt like puking. It took me everything to push to the pain. My whole body was burning and trembling. When I got my wits about me I demanded my time. Shauna’s face was so hard to read…..

…12 minutes and 27 seconds!!!!!!!

That is over 3 minutes better than my first time, and only 20 seconds behind Shauna. I was genuinely SHOCKED. I did gave it absolutely everything though. It just goes to show you what focus can do – with a little bit of focus and a hell of a lot of hard work, you can do anything.

I am not sure how better I can do with that time. I think if I tweak my strategy some more, I could get it down to under 12 minutes but after that, I will be looking at knocking seconds off my time.

I am so delighted with myself. However, if I had chickened out of launching this blog, or if it had not been so popular, I really don’t think I would be half as focussed. So for that, my good people, thank you.

To everyone who has messaged me, commented on my Facebook status, Tweeted to me or whatever….thank you! And to Conor – I bet you will be my biggest follower. 

★ Bring it ON! ★

What a whirlwind few days! For those of you who know me well, you will know that I have wanted to start a blog for some time. I had mentioned my idea for this blog to a few people two weeks ago. Since then I was being hounded with ‘so McGinty, when are you launching this blog…’ So I decided to just bite the bullet and put myself out there. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED with the response. 400 views in 12 hours – words cannot describe how much that massaged my ego.

Now the pressure is on for me to actually see this challenge through. I hope I can do it – or else I will be NURSING a bruised ego.

This week has been interesting.  At the moment, I am looking for a new job. This means very regular visits to Le Big Schmoke for les interviews. I set off to Dublin at 6am on Tuesday morning. I found it really difficult to eat breakfast so early in the morning, but I knew that if I skipped breakfast I would be tempted by the variety of flab-enhancing delicacies offered by the uber-gourmet food peeps at  Iarnród Eireann. So I graced my drowsy stomach some unsweeted museli, a little yoghurt  (the full fat type because I read an article during the week saying that low fat yoghurt is high in sugar content compared to full fat and that is worse for you that the higher fat content), some banana (which looked as if it had been mugged by some kind of WWF wrestler it was so bruised). I also added some linseeds as they are high in fibre and therefore keep you fuller for longer (whilst also, ahem, cleansing your bowels – if you get my drift).

I kept busy all the way to Dublin – I was preparing an awesome presentation on Prezi so I could blow my interviewers away with initiative. By the time I got to Dublin it was lunchtime and I was becoming nervous about the interview, so I could not stomach much more than a cup of Barrys tea. My interview went quite well and the following few hours gave me a lot of food for thought – which made my stomach really uneasy. Deep in thought, I got on the wrong DART train thing and ended up in Killester. Thankfully, I had packed my flat shoes so I took the opportunity to walk and think – so I had a brisk 4km walk back to Connelly station.

I had yummy homemade chicken fajitas for dinner (thank you Neasa). I must confess, however, a glass of wine was offered to me and I simply had to take it!

On Tuesday, I took off on another adventure to Carlow or Laois…I’m not sure which one I was in. I went to visit Niamh, a girl I met in Australia last year. Her mom had dinner ready for me: pork, carrots, spuds and cabbage (I didn’t tell her this, but it was my first time eating cabbage!). Niamh dragged me unwillingly out the door to the pub later that evening (I was screaming and shouting, of course). I told her I was not drinking alcohol and instead would prefer a diet coke or sparkling water. She started to create a scene and draw attention to us, so I took a Coors Light (only to shut her up of course!). Four bottles later, we decided to go home. She asked for a mention in the blog…so here you are Niamh. You are a bitch, a bully, a diet ruiner, and a bad influence overall. But I missed you – good to have you home).

I am now on the way back to Galway from Carlow/Laois (still don’t know where I was). I am meeting Shauna from SMC Fitness this evening. She wants to take some half-naked pictures of me for before and after purposes, but I am not too sure how I feel about having to subject you guys to pictures of my washboard-like-to-be stomach.

Despite cheating alcohol-wise, I did make healthy food choices. I made a conscious effort to power-walk everywhere, and I think the 4km walk from Killester made a difference. I also had to sprint for 2 trains and buses (whilst carrying half of my worldly possessions on my back). I really feel so much better than I did last week. I FEEL like I have lost weight, but as a minimum I am definitely less bloated. I am in two minds whether to weigh myself every week – I tend to get very wound up with figures on the scales when I try so hard – and that tends to have a knock-on effect of making me feel miserable if my efforts are not reflected on the scales. Then what do I do? Eat of course.

I think I will play this by ear. With regards to my exercise challenge, Shauna has informed me her time last week was 12 minutes and 7 seconds. I will do my challenge when I get home and I am going to try my damn hardest to get as close to that as possible.


I shall keep you beautiful people updated! J

Over and out,
Siobhán x

Monday, 8 October 2012

A Remedy For Ouchiness

Good evening good people.

I have been in so much pain over the last couple of days - so much pain that I felt like some breed of geriatric.

I was quite sore on Wednesday, as I am sure you could tell from my previous post. Pain was brought to an entirely new level when I woke up on Thursday morning however. I stirred in my bed and winced. It took all of about ten minutes to muster up the courage to get out of my bed to go to the loo. And without being too graphic, it took another minute to sit on the toilet and about three minutes to get off it. It was HORRENDOUS to say the least!

Needless to say, after my breakfast of two Weetabix garnished with super duper low-fat cow juice, I returned to my boudoir and remained as still as I could until I got hungry again (two hours passed between getting from my bed to the toilet to the kitchen, and back again).

I have been really good with lunch and dinner too - lot's of protein from eggs, fish, quinoa and chicken. Usually I'll have some carbs with my lunch such as a whole meal pitta or ryvita, and then bulk up on a salad of tomoato, onion, lettuce, beetroot, feta, apple and a crazy concoction of sunflower and linseeds.

On Friday I needed to get out of the house. Due to my severe case of ouchiness, I had not exercised in two days. I pushed myself out the door for a brisk walk. When I came back I felt like a new woman! No stiffness at all! It was a miracle.

There were traces of my ouchiness syndrome on Saturday but I did an hour dance practice and hey presto, I was as good as new again.

So my remedy for ouchiness - get moving!!!! Stiffness and pain disappears much quicker if you push yourself to move!

It is Monday now and I'm buzzing! I feel great! I went for a run today and did some core work. I am due to time myself doing my crazy workout again on Wednesday - DREADING that! But I am confident of beating my time!

Wish me luck!

Your Master in De-Ouchiness,

Siobhán xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Week 1, Day 1 | The Birth of Something Beautiful

.....I am hoping that 'beautiful' will be abs and other such chiselled features!

Today is the day. I did not plan any of this – it just happened. Last night, my personal trainer friend, Shauna, was telling me all about this challenge she was doing with her clients. I must have looked half-interested, as she offered to take me through it this morning. In bed last night I came up with the bright idea of creating this blog (see About Me).

So what happened?

My alarm rang at 6.55am. I had gone to bed in my sports bra and work out top so all I had to do was pull on my tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Shauna appeared at my door and I very graciously showed her my two fingers. But off I toddled down the stairs in her wake.

Before we started, she said ‘are you sure you are ready for this?’, and accompanied this ridiculous statement with a questioning look which shouted ‘YOU’RE GONNA DIE!’ ‘HELL YA…give it to me biatch!’, I replied. 

Deep down I was excited. I had a personal trainer in Australia a couple of years ago, and she instilled a love of exercise within me. I love being pushed and the feeling of accomplishment you get after it. My only problem is, I hate exercising on my own. I need someone to train with, someone to compete with and compare myself to. It  is quite sad!

‘We’ll see if you are half as enthusiastic afterwards!,’ Shauna said. ‘I’ll show her!’ I thought, and shrugged my shoulders. I was going to blow this out of the water and show her what I was made of. As bright as an annoying button, Shauna switched on the music and cranked up some Black Eyed Peas. We did a warm-up using an exercise step before starting into this eleven week challenge she was telling me about the night previously.

The idea is that you have a fixed number of exercises and over the eleven weeks you compete against yourself to better your time. The client who has improved the most wins.

I went hell for leather: 50 squats, dips, get ups, crunches, mountain climbers, back lunges, and a bit of TRX chest presses thrown in for good measure.

I moved swiftly through the first couple of exercises, and tried to remain composed in doing so. By the time I got to 25 of the back lunges my legs were burning. I decided to do 25 chest presses, 25 back lunges, and a final 25 chest presses to finish off.


I felt like puking. My whole body was confused with a mixture of trembling, burning and general aching – as well as the shock of being pushed to its limits at crazy o’clock. My face was puce and beads of sweat were appearing from all over my body.

Then Shauna looked at me and said ’15 minutes, 37 seconds, wow you crazy bitch. You’re not half competitive, are you?’ She informed me I had the best time of her clients so far. I got such a buzz from hearing that. I’m good, but I know I can be exceptional. Shauna is going to do that challenge herself and I am going to better her time before the 11 weeks is out.

I am going to report back to her each week on my time. Coupled with this, I am going to continue with my normal fitness regime of dancing and jogging. My biggest problem at the moment is my eating. I am living at home and the availability of food is just dericulous. I eat and I don’t even realise I am doing it. I love food. I am very aware about what foods are good, and which ones should be avoided (thanks to WeightWatchers and TonyFerguson). But following these guidelines is another ball game.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great journey….and MAN am I going to have a smokin’ body by Christmas – and I don’t mean the tobacco kind!

So to summarise my goal(s)....yes, plural:

  •     Beat Shauna’s time (me? Competitive? Never!)
  •     Get my BMI into a healthy range (I need to lose just under one stone – very achievable in 11 weeks (FYI here is a really handy BMI calculator if you lovely readers want to calculate your own BMI)
  •     Motivate as many people as possible to do something similar

As well as everything else, I am going to post a food diary at the end of each week. This means I have to think about everything that goes into my mouth.

Phew, wish me luck!

A very achey but extremely satisfied…