Saturday, 13 October 2012

Excursions of Craziness - 30/30 Class

Having been enlightened with some motivational magic after smashing my challenge time, I decided  that while the going was good, I would tear the sexy backside out of it and do a circuits/boxfit class (something Shauna calls 30/30).

I had done the class before, so I knew what to expect. I was a little worried about the boxing part of things, as my usual boxfit partner, Charlene, could not go to the class. I tend to scare people away with my Katie Taylor-inspired punching. Thankfully, I was paired with a lady who could take my punching ways, and could fairly give them back as well!  I enjoy boxfit so much – it is great for expelling any kind of pent-up frustration. I always feel so energised afterwards too. If you really concentrate on your core muscles while throwing the punches, it really gives your abs a great work-out, as well as your arms, shoulders and upper back.

The circuits were difficult. I was never a huge fan of them. We had loads of different exercises, skiing, front lunges, TRX explosive jumping, jumping jacks, plank, and crunches – with a whole range of stability and core exercises thrown in for good measure. The girls in the class were great though – there was a real energy in them. And you could see how fit they had become since I was at that particular class a couple of months ago.  All that made the experience a far better one. 

Despite being achey from my timed challenge – as well as having a semi-dislike for circuits, I REALLY enjoyed the class. I was expecting to feel sore the next morning, but honestly, my remedy for ouchiness seems to be working. I can tell I was exercising, but to be honest, I am nowhere near as sore as I was last week (I can go to the loo without having to wince!) – just shows the best way to recover is just to get on with it and keep moving!

The weekend is here now, so I have a lot of work to do (having been galavanting all week on the Siobhán McGinty tour of Ireland - coming to a town near you soon!). I am hoping to get out for a jog at some stage, but my biggest concern is eating. Weekends at home are so difficult as the fridge is stuffed with yumminess - typical Irish Mammy Style.

I shall let you all know how I get on. In the meantime, I would like to thank Ruth for the lift to town on Thursday J x

Happy weekend,

Siobhán xx

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