Friday, 12 October 2012

★ Bring it ON! ★

What a whirlwind few days! For those of you who know me well, you will know that I have wanted to start a blog for some time. I had mentioned my idea for this blog to a few people two weeks ago. Since then I was being hounded with ‘so McGinty, when are you launching this blog…’ So I decided to just bite the bullet and put myself out there. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED with the response. 400 views in 12 hours – words cannot describe how much that massaged my ego.

Now the pressure is on for me to actually see this challenge through. I hope I can do it – or else I will be NURSING a bruised ego.

This week has been interesting.  At the moment, I am looking for a new job. This means very regular visits to Le Big Schmoke for les interviews. I set off to Dublin at 6am on Tuesday morning. I found it really difficult to eat breakfast so early in the morning, but I knew that if I skipped breakfast I would be tempted by the variety of flab-enhancing delicacies offered by the uber-gourmet food peeps at  Iarnród Eireann. So I graced my drowsy stomach some unsweeted museli, a little yoghurt  (the full fat type because I read an article during the week saying that low fat yoghurt is high in sugar content compared to full fat and that is worse for you that the higher fat content), some banana (which looked as if it had been mugged by some kind of WWF wrestler it was so bruised). I also added some linseeds as they are high in fibre and therefore keep you fuller for longer (whilst also, ahem, cleansing your bowels – if you get my drift).

I kept busy all the way to Dublin – I was preparing an awesome presentation on Prezi so I could blow my interviewers away with initiative. By the time I got to Dublin it was lunchtime and I was becoming nervous about the interview, so I could not stomach much more than a cup of Barrys tea. My interview went quite well and the following few hours gave me a lot of food for thought – which made my stomach really uneasy. Deep in thought, I got on the wrong DART train thing and ended up in Killester. Thankfully, I had packed my flat shoes so I took the opportunity to walk and think – so I had a brisk 4km walk back to Connelly station.

I had yummy homemade chicken fajitas for dinner (thank you Neasa). I must confess, however, a glass of wine was offered to me and I simply had to take it!

On Tuesday, I took off on another adventure to Carlow or Laois…I’m not sure which one I was in. I went to visit Niamh, a girl I met in Australia last year. Her mom had dinner ready for me: pork, carrots, spuds and cabbage (I didn’t tell her this, but it was my first time eating cabbage!). Niamh dragged me unwillingly out the door to the pub later that evening (I was screaming and shouting, of course). I told her I was not drinking alcohol and instead would prefer a diet coke or sparkling water. She started to create a scene and draw attention to us, so I took a Coors Light (only to shut her up of course!). Four bottles later, we decided to go home. She asked for a mention in the blog…so here you are Niamh. You are a bitch, a bully, a diet ruiner, and a bad influence overall. But I missed you – good to have you home).

I am now on the way back to Galway from Carlow/Laois (still don’t know where I was). I am meeting Shauna from SMC Fitness this evening. She wants to take some half-naked pictures of me for before and after purposes, but I am not too sure how I feel about having to subject you guys to pictures of my washboard-like-to-be stomach.

Despite cheating alcohol-wise, I did make healthy food choices. I made a conscious effort to power-walk everywhere, and I think the 4km walk from Killester made a difference. I also had to sprint for 2 trains and buses (whilst carrying half of my worldly possessions on my back). I really feel so much better than I did last week. I FEEL like I have lost weight, but as a minimum I am definitely less bloated. I am in two minds whether to weigh myself every week – I tend to get very wound up with figures on the scales when I try so hard – and that tends to have a knock-on effect of making me feel miserable if my efforts are not reflected on the scales. Then what do I do? Eat of course.

I think I will play this by ear. With regards to my exercise challenge, Shauna has informed me her time last week was 12 minutes and 7 seconds. I will do my challenge when I get home and I am going to try my damn hardest to get as close to that as possible.


I shall keep you beautiful people updated! J

Over and out,
Siobhán x

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