Monday, 8 October 2012

A Remedy For Ouchiness

Good evening good people.

I have been in so much pain over the last couple of days - so much pain that I felt like some breed of geriatric.

I was quite sore on Wednesday, as I am sure you could tell from my previous post. Pain was brought to an entirely new level when I woke up on Thursday morning however. I stirred in my bed and winced. It took all of about ten minutes to muster up the courage to get out of my bed to go to the loo. And without being too graphic, it took another minute to sit on the toilet and about three minutes to get off it. It was HORRENDOUS to say the least!

Needless to say, after my breakfast of two Weetabix garnished with super duper low-fat cow juice, I returned to my boudoir and remained as still as I could until I got hungry again (two hours passed between getting from my bed to the toilet to the kitchen, and back again).

I have been really good with lunch and dinner too - lot's of protein from eggs, fish, quinoa and chicken. Usually I'll have some carbs with my lunch such as a whole meal pitta or ryvita, and then bulk up on a salad of tomoato, onion, lettuce, beetroot, feta, apple and a crazy concoction of sunflower and linseeds.

On Friday I needed to get out of the house. Due to my severe case of ouchiness, I had not exercised in two days. I pushed myself out the door for a brisk walk. When I came back I felt like a new woman! No stiffness at all! It was a miracle.

There were traces of my ouchiness syndrome on Saturday but I did an hour dance practice and hey presto, I was as good as new again.

So my remedy for ouchiness - get moving!!!! Stiffness and pain disappears much quicker if you push yourself to move!

It is Monday now and I'm buzzing! I feel great! I went for a run today and did some core work. I am due to time myself doing my crazy workout again on Wednesday - DREADING that! But I am confident of beating my time!

Wish me luck!

Your Master in De-Ouchiness,

Siobhán xx

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