Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Putting the Super back into Loser......yeeeeehaaw!

Hey everyone! 

What a weekend/start to my week! 


On Saturday, I dressed up for Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. I had planned to go out sober and be home by midnight so I would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Bryan Adams on Sunday.  

So that did not exactly happen....

I had quite a bit to drink, but I don't feel bad about it. I had such a great night, and woke up the next morning as if I had laughed for the whole night! I had been so down in the dumps last week - I think I needed to go mad!  And mad I went....I drank a wide variety of beverages - everything from high-end cheap wines to premium quality Miller to top class Huzzar vodka. I think the last time I drank so much was the August Bank Holiday. I probably should not be writing this here in case future employers stumble across this blog. But hey, as we established last week, I am not a powerpuff girl

I must confess, however, I ate about six million tomato sandwiches when I got home from my night out. On white bread. But I have learned that I must not dwell on such boo boos. 


On Sunday, I was so hungover. It made me realise why I don't drink copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.  I woke up with my pillow stuck to my face (obviously, I had not taken my make-up off). I totally forgot the time changed and was running around like a headless chicken for fifteen minutes before I realised I actually had time to get the muck off my face. 

 I had to endure the longest car journey to Westport to catch the train to Dublin. It was sheer hell. I cannot even begin to describe the discomfort I was in. It is a real wonder I did not puke along the way. I felt every bump in the road between Achill and Westport. 

I got to Dublin at around 5pm Sunday - and still had not graced my stomach with any kind of food. My friend Edel picked me up from the train and we went to TGI Fridays. Being hungover, I craved carbs and all things salty. However I fought my cravings and ordered a chicken salad. It was nomilicious.

After dinner, we toddled off to the Olympia to see Bryan Adams. I am not going even start speaking about it as I won't stop. The concert was fantastic! 


On Monday, I woke up hoarse. Unfortunately, my stomach was still feeling dodgy and I could not face any kind of food until around lunchtime. I had a chicken wrap in the lovely Brasco's Restaurant in Skerries. It was lovely - Brasco's is definitely a treasure! So yummy! 

Come evening time, I sat my shapely backside upon a GoBus and got myself to Galway. I arrived late Monday night and stayed at Shauna. She terrorised me with chocolate cake, but I fought my cravings and came out the better person. I think she was testing me. 


On Tuesday, my stomach finally started to feel better. I spent the morning carving pumpkins with Shauna - so much fun! Here is our handiwork...I did the one on the right. Shauna did three in the time I managed one. But it was my first time. I am no longer a pumpkin carving virgin. 

Shauna and I headed over to Body Dynamics in Knocknacarra for a weight training session with Gareth. It was a challenging session, but I really enjoyed it. Gareth always tells me I look like I am going to burst out crying when I lift weights, but it is just the way I channel my energy I think. I also curse a lot under my breath...I think my Aussie trainer, Marita, can vouch for that! I think I taught that poor woman some swear words! 

I was super proud of myself...I lifted and squatted 60kg!!! Here are a few photos from my session.....

I am back home now and I am beginning to ache...tomorrow ain't gonna be pretty! I did not get a chance to do my challenge, but I am definitely going to do it tomorrow or Thursday - depending on what my mobility is like tomorrow! 

I also found out that I won a competition today! I won a Sothy's Slimming Discovery Kit from Mulranny Health & Beauty . Very excited to see how it works - I will do a review once I get my hands on it! 

I will update you guys on my time challenge when I do it! :) 


P. S. Thanks to Doreen for the lift from Galway! Hope you enjoyed my in-car entertainment!!! :) x


  1. Well done Siobhan, you found your horse again and back up you jumped, just make sure you dont fall over the other side of him ;).....You trained hard yesterday and you really are reaping the benefits of it as you look great! You not only have super determination might I say lady, but you also have a great talent for writing :) Keep it all up. Looking forward to your next post, and remember to get your butt into me next week so I can shout and count at you as you thrash your comp time from this week ;) Laters

  2. Thank you so much Shauna! You are instrumental (as always) in the whole thing! I couldn't do it without you!

    I feel like I've been hit by a double-decker bus today, so I may have to delay my comp til tomorrow!!!


Feel free to keep me motivated :)