Friday, 26 October 2012

NEWSFLASH: I'm not a Powerpuff Girl afterall...

Happy bank holiday weekend people!!

The aim of this post was to update you guys on my time challenge thing-a-me-bob. Unfortunately, I have not done it yet.

After Tuesday, this week was disastrous. I don't know what happened me at all. I wouldn't say I became less motivated. Rather, my willpower seemed to weaken. Poof. There it went....into thin air, like something something expelled from a chimney (smoke).

I am not a huge sweet person AT ALL. I am much more of  a savory kind of girl. But this week, there was a tin of Roses in the house. The tin just sat there beside our shiny Saorview box and played mind games with me all week. I swear, it grew puppy-dog eyes, arms and legs. The tin was on it's knees gaping at me with a Puss In Boots-like expression on it's face.

Like, how could I say no to that?

So yeah, I ate quite a number of sweets. I was good with my eating besides, but the guilt from eating the sweets just really got to me. 

That all had a bit of a knock on effect of making me feel like giving up. As a result, I did not go for my jogs nor could I motivate myself to do the challenge. I did dance every day but I suppose my body is so used of that now that it makes little difference to anything. 

It's all a bit of a fuck up really. 

This has happened before - that I get demotivated. But I guess it's the sign of one thing - I'm human. Damn it for years I thought I was some kind of powerpuff-esque superhero (The Powerpuff Girls were superheros, right?). I didn't see Shauna this week either, so the lack of her motivational magic was the equivalent of a perfectly baked cake missing the cherry on top. All my fault. 

The Dream is Over

So what do I do now??? I cop the feck on and get up of my arse and do something about it! I have submitted a written request to the oul pair for the Roses to be removed from beside the shiny Saorview box and placed somewhere out of my reach (shouldn't be too difficult - I am a midget at just 5 foot tall (on a good day)).

I will have to go on a super long walk tomorrow and Sunday (you hearing this Gráinne?). It is Halloween this weekend, so not drinking will be hard, but I am determined not to drink. When I drink, I want bread. When I eat bread, I inflate like an over-sized helium balloon. And not a pretty one at that!

O ya, and BRYAN ADAMS is playing in the Olympia on Sunday. Words cannot describe how excited I am. I have to be sober for that, just in case I get to meet him. I would not want the occasion to be ruined by slurred words and general culchie mythering and shite-talk.

So that's that. Disaster. But as the song goes: I get knocked down, but I get up again!

Happy bank holiday!!!

Siob xx

P. S. Sorry Shauna!


  1. wher did the roses come from its not even christmass !!

    1. My question exactly :)... But Siobhan..... TAKE IT EASY LADY!! :) You will be back doing exactly what you do so very well next week... you'll be back hammering your time and driving yourself towards your Christmas goal, all you need is to get back on that horse as they say :).....And don't you dare apologies to me, you have nothing to apologies to me about, but I would suggest you writing to all choc companies and asking them not to sell chocolates in any shops in Achil or to anyone who might be walking anywhere near your house... instead celery might be a lovely thank you, christmas gift, etc :D..... Fair play for being honest and showing us that you too also share the same boat as us all at times ;) Keep it going hun xx

  2. My words exactly! Think they came about as a result of us doing a good deed for a neighbour.

    only one thing for it....we have to turn into the neighbours from hell.

    How will I survive xmas?

  3. "general culchie mythering" Nice phrase. I'll be borrowing that!

  4. Haha, glad you like it Aisling! Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you enjoy the new post!xx


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