Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Acrobatic Dogs, Kettlebell Donations & Rope

Hello there!

We have reached the hump in the week. The weekend seems like so long ago…

Well I am into week three at this stage. For those of you who threw an eye on my previous post, you will know that I was quite worried about staying on track over the weekend – no matter how focused I am during the week I usually go crazy at the weekend.  I blame Simon Cowell and the producers of Come Dine With Me. Honestly, with so many hours of…ahem…quality TV, is it any wonder I don’t budge from the couch and scoff on anything that comes within ten meters of me?

This weekend was different. I did awfully well – awfully well indeed (so much so I was GOING TO celebrate on Monday with food; see how I roll?).

To sum up my weekend: work, The X-Factor, acrobatic dogs, chooooons for the starving (Trocaire, not me), and DETERMINATION!

I feel the need to vent about my dog. As is usual for a Sunday afternoon, I took off pounding the village roads (I sound like a professional athlete). I was only two hundred metres into my jog, following in the wake of my beloved Lassie-esqueish dog (Dougal, named after Fr. Dougal from Fr. Ted due to his above average level of intelligence), when a car (dark blue polo, DL reg) came out of nowhere and HIT Dougal. Dougal did a very stylish 360 degree rotation mid-air (tongue hanging out á la Bus Eireann dog), and landed in the ditch. I instantly burst into tears and ran over to the ditch (car had sped off – damn you driver if I ever get my hands on you). Thankfully, Dougal got up and just took off again. PHEW…close shave! Bet you all thought that was going to end badly!

See I told you I rant!

Back to this challenge…It is going very well. I am trying to be strict with my carbs so I am checking labels meticulously and Googling things that don’t have labels. I also made it through the weekend without drinking, something I felt so much better for on Monday. Seeing as I am living at home most of the time now, I thought I would have a problem with snacking.  I have worked on establishing a daily routine, however, and I am keeping my snacking to a minimum. I do enjoy sitting down in front of Corrie with a portion of grapes (1/2 cup or 16 grapes). If I’m still peckish later in the evening, I munch on a concoction of chopped cherry tomatoes sprinkled with pepper, paprika, mixed herbs and chilli. Cherry tomatoes are made up of mainly water, and the seasoning gives them more of a taste. It works for me as often I eat out of boredom, rather than being actually hungry.

Regarding exercise, I have been doing my usual brisk walk/jogging, and I also try to spend 30-45 minutes dancing every other day. I have to start doing some kind of weight training, so I’m going to have to dig out my dumb-bells. I could also do with a kettle bell if anyone fancies donating one to me?  

I am really feeling the benefits of the challenge. I have so much energy and am no longer a crabby biatch. Above all else, my trousers are DEFINTIELY loser than they were three weeks ago. Being so broke, I am going to invest in a high-quality second-hand rope to keep my pants hitched up – though I will gladly accept donations for that too. Good news all around.

I got a text of Shauna this evening saying she got her time down to just over ten minutes. I am seeing her on Thursday. I am going to, once again, give it my all. It would be great to knock a minute of my time and get it down to around eleven and a half minutes. I will report back post-challenge.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me :) 

Siob x

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