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I am a loser. What more do you need to know?

Well okay, I suppose I am not your typical loser. I am a seriously awesome one. If I were a typical loser, according to the completely-unPC-but-ridiculously-hilarious-and-often-accurate Urban Dictionary, I would be an idiot who laughs at the misfortunes of many people and would be many times:

  • Depressed
  • Unable to raise my social status
  • Have gone through many hardships
  • Probably a virgin for a long time
  • Have been tormented about being a loser all my life and don’t need to hear any more bullshit
I am probably the complete opposite of all of those, which is why  I always return to the trusty Oxford dictionary:
‘Loser: a person or thing that loses or has lost something’

In the past five years, I have lost and gained weight three times. I am not terribly obese or anything, but according to the very important healthy people, my Body Mass Index (BMI) is slightly over what it should be. This means I am at an increased risk of lots of ailments and life threatening ka-shizzles that I won’t bore you about just yet.

This time, I am going to hit my target weight in time for Christmas. I have 11 weeks. I am not only going to change my body, but I am also (and most importantly) change my frame of mind.

I am doing this with the help of a good friend and super-duper Galway-based personal trainer, Shauna McCaul from SMC Fitness. Even though I will not get to see her every week (as I am not living in Galway), she is going to act as a source of guidance, motivation and encouragement.

I have started this blog for a couple of selfish reasons:

  • I hate being seen publicly as a failure or someone who gives up.
  • I need support. I need people to tell me I am doing wonderfully (are you taking notes?).
  • I have a guilty pleasure for creative, sarcastic and entertaining writing. This blog will satisfy a craving.
  • I am looking for a job that involves copy-writing, blogging and social media – this will look good on the ole CV.
I also have some less-selfish reasons:
  •  I want to communicate to people that weight loss is more than just changing your body, eating better, and becoming fit in the short-term. It is more about making long-term changes, developing sustainable habits and changing your mindset.
  •  I want to stop moaning to my friends about how fat I am.
  •  Finally, Shauna has helped me change my mindset since I met her last year. I want to do something to thank her – so this is like a thank you to her.
I really hope you enjoy following this blog. If you want me to cover anything in particular, let me know. Also I tend to rant a lot, so tell me to shut up if I start deviating from being entertaining, motivating and generally informative.

Over & out,

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  1. They say laughing in itself is a source of working out, for your body, soul and mind. So I must thank you, Dear Siobhan Mc Ginty, for you have just given me a great workout on all accounts.
    And now, I must add that I hope, I, Shauna, can be of the helpful motivational assistance that you might be requiring in the next few months up to Christmas. Ill keep reading and enjoying your blog, while you keep working hard and doing what you do so well, driving yourself up the ladder of universal success..... How's that for your daily dose of motivation, as one would say, and ive heard her say it before....BOOM!! ;)


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