Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Hello my good people!!!


Hope you are all well. This week has been another great week. I really think I have made lifestyle changes that I am both willing and able to keep. Even though exercise has been a huge part of my life for the last two years (although not to the extend it is now), my 'diet' is something I (in error) considered a temporary thing.

I have banned the word 'diet' from my daily routine. It is now a lifestyle. I am beginning to appreciate and understand the need for diet and exercise to be complementary of each other. I have become increasingly interested in nutrition - so much so that I have started to look into completing a certificate in it somewhere down the line. I spend ages researching foods I should eat before and after different types of exercise (cardio/weights), what I should be eating on my 'off' days, how to 'shake up' my diet healthily if it needs it, what I should eat in the morning, what I should eat at night (if i need to) get the message. That said, I am NOT going to be become obsessive about what I eat, as, at the end of the day, I have to live and enjoy myself. The other day, mom made sausage rolls. I had two of the little buggars, but I made up for it by having a smaller dinner and working out harder. It's all about balance and allowing yourself some simple pleasures. This time last year, if I had eaten a sausage roll, I would have been riddled with guilt and that would have led to comfort eating. It was a vicious circle really!

Another thing I have had to learn to deal with is my metabolism. I have known for years that I have a metabolism that ticks over at snails pace. I have filled myself with miracle metabolism pills over the years - none of which have delivered on their far-fetched and dreamy miracle promise. I have now accepted the facts that I have to deal with it and just drink copious amounts of green tea, drink plenty water, sleep (anyone with a cure for owlitis, let me know!), not cut calories too much, etc. I might actually do a full blog post on that in the future. 

My running is still going well also! I am so, so happy. I get up at 6.30 every morning so I can pound the pavements with my eager legs! It's such a great feeling. My Friday run was horrendous  - I overdid the exercise last week and didn't listen to my body. My head wanted me to run but my legs were begging me to stop. By Monday I was as fit as a fiddle again and even managed to finish the run with a sprint (at -2 degrees too!). I have much to thank my running partner (Roisin) for - her mental strength and physical fitness inspire does her patience. I do miss having Amy beside me (Amy is my other running partner who I haven't run with in ages), but we plan on doing a race in Tuam in January which I am very excited about. 

I went out on Saturday night for a Christmas dinner and to say goodbye to my friends (I am going away for the festive season!). I was so good...I enjoyed a small portion of dinner, and refused desert and mince pies. I did wash it down with plenty vodka and sparkling water, however (as well as other tipples that I really don't want to think about!). Oh ya, and I lost my shoes. How does one even do that?

In my last post, I promised some photos. So allow me to deliver. I am reallllllly nervous about baring myself to the world in this way - but it is what I have been working towards. This are NOT the official pictures. I will get them from Shauna once I get back to Ireland in the New Year - it is motivation for me to keep going!  My mom is a woeful photographer - so apologies! And YES this photos HAVE been Instagrammed but NOT photoshopped. I would also like to point out, these were taken at night when I had my dinner in my belly! I am happy with my results. However, I do see I need to work a bit more on my upper back - I've a 'bit to pinch' up there. But I guess it is better up there than on my tummy or ass!!! 

I am going to shut up now.....

I may do a few posts over Christmas - I'll see!!! I'd like to keep you all motivated - as well as myself!!

Speak to you all soon,


Little Miss Shamed Redface


PS Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped me so far - ESPECIALLY Shauna, Gareth, Roisin, Maria, Noreen, and Katrina!


  1. I totally posted a comment and I dunno where it went :(
    Anyway- Siobhan I am so proud of you. Body is looking epic. You should be so proud of yourself. Look at the lovely flat tum on ya. Totally jealous here - def joining a gym in the new year :P you have inspired me ;)
    Loving the blog!!!
    Eadaoin (169 Corrib village woop woop) Xx

  2. Siobhan keep ur six pack in the fridge cause they are hot.:-). Keep up the good work. Worley


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