Monday, 12 November 2012

Tasty Dreams and (un)Constipated Frogs

Hey guys!

So here we are...embarking upon yet another delightful week in windswept, rain-drowned, recession-ridden Ireland. Woohoo!!!

As you all know from my last post, I saw last week out on an absolute high after completing my challenge in 9 minutes 20 seconds.

On Thursday evening, I went to Dancersize. The class was taught by the lovely Maria O Connor and it was the quickest 60 minute class I've ever taken part it. It was so much fun and really go my heart rate up! We did some salsa-style, jazzy-style and zumba-style routines. What I absolutely loved about the class was the fact that we learned a complete routine and did it a couple of times. Most of the Dancersize classes I have just flown through a routine once before moving onto the next one. I love learning new things, so this class suited me down to the ground.

Even though I loved the class, I am sure I was a funny sight. There was one move and I just could not do. It involved alternating your left leg and right arm with your right leg and left arm. I just could not do it not matter how hard I tried! I can be so uncoordinated at times! Nevertheless, I am sure I was entertaining for anyone watching a frustrated little me, and I can assure you that I am more than ready to provide top class entertainment for our next family wedding!!

For dinner on Thursday, I had a real treat! Despite loving pasta,  I NEVER eat it -  for the simple reason that it just bloats me like constipated frog. I am not joking. After 3 mouthfuls of pasta, I look about 6 months pregnant - God forbid. I had some time to kill in Westport on on Wednesday, so I wandered into the health food shop on Bridge Street. Sitting on a shelf in front of me, glowing like a coin fresh from the coin-maker people and shouting 'buuuuuyyyy meeeee!' at me was this.....

A tasty dream...

It is a little steeply priced at €2.99 but it made me very happy! I cooked it with a little bit of tomato-based pasta sauce and tuna. It STUFFED me like pasta, kept me full, and didn't give me a food baby. It's the answer to one of my life problems. It's WONDA-FUL!  There are noodle and rice varieties I am going to do a beef stir fry next time.

On Friday, I was expecting to be crippled from DOMS after having worked out so intensively all week. However, I woke up feeling GREAT! I was full of energy, and even managed to get shrinking booty out for a brisk walk.

I had decided Saturday would be my rest day from my exercise. It was a friends birthday (HB Brown Siobhán!), so I had planned to go out with a few friends (including Amy, the Pumpkin-pie maker person). My eating and exercise were so good last week that I decided it would be a shame to ruin it by going on a bender, drinking loads of beer, and garnishing it with chips, burgers and sandwiches come the end of the night. So I drove, drank sparkling water and lime, and danced the night away. Plenty shite-talking too!

Happy Birthday Brown Siobhán! Despite holding two bottles, I was not drinking! I fought all temptation! 

Despite not drinking, I did not wake til 11am Sunday. Not only that, but I woke to a text from Miss Pumpkin Pie who had been drinking the night before. Furthermore, she had sent the text at 9am. Crazy person. After lunch, I went to for a walk on the beach with a friend from my college-going years (so long ago!), who came to visit Achill for the day (good to see you Danny!). I finished Sunday with an hour long Sean-Nós dancing session - thankfully I think I was a little more co-ordinated!

Overall, my diet was great over the weekend! I've really got to grips with my eating, which is wonderful! Shauna from SMC Fitness  has me filling out a food diary this week, so I think that is why I am super-focused. Also, it's only SIX WEEKS 'til Christmas....jingle bells...jingle bells.....well hopefully there will be not bodily jingling this Christmas!

I had Metafit again tonight (Monday). I really was not in the mood for it tonight...I was lovely and cosy beside the fire watching online tutorials on HTML. But of course Katrina came to the rescue again (superwoman-style), and gave me a reason to go. It was challenging tonight as we did a new set of exercises! Another enjoyable class - and there were so many people there too!! Definitely glad I went! I did spend much of the class pulling up my tracksuit bottoms though, so apologies to anyone who got a picturesque view of my behind. It made me happy though (the fact that my trackies are falling down, not that I'm showing my ass to the world)!

That's all for now folks...I will be doing my challenge on Friday so I shall be updating you guys then! Fingers crossed I smash 9 minutes this week!

Sin é...laters! :) xx

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  1. Well im very proud of you little Wonder woman :) You really have some guts and gusto!! Your not afraid to tell it as it is and your doing so well with it all!! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday and even more so seeing you smash the comp yet again on Friday, tough I must ask, how much time you hoping to knock off it now.... Im not sure ill be able to keep up with it, ha.
    Anyways, thanks for yet another amusing and entertaining entry, keep up the GREAT work :)
    See you Thursday.
    Shau :)


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