Friday, 12 October 2012

Week 2 - Smashed

As they say in Honolulu, HALLO-HA!

I had a brief meeting with Shauna from SMC Fitness this week, and she suggested she time me doing the challenge this week – rather than me waiting to get home to get my mom to time me. I became instantly nervous as I did not want to come back here and tell you guys my time if it was worse than last time.

Anyways, she flicked on the music and handed me a 7.5kg kettlebell and I swung that for two minutes. We did some other warm-up exercises but to be honest it was a blur as I was so nervous and focused on my A-game.

The she blew the whistle and started to time me. I implemented a different strategy (I had put a lot of thought into it!) to the last time I did the challenge. I found the get ups and back lunges the most difficult last time so I decided I would get them out of the way first and finish with the exercises I was strongest at (tricep dips, ab crunches and toe touches’. I also tried to stagger the exercises so as I balanced the impact between my legs and my arms.

It felt as if I was going forever – I had convinced myself I would be close to 17 or 18 minutes. I was dying to ask Shauna what time I was on, but I knew she would not tell me and that would be a time waster in itself!

I finished the challenge with 10 ab crunches and I felt like puking. It took me everything to push to the pain. My whole body was burning and trembling. When I got my wits about me I demanded my time. Shauna’s face was so hard to read…..

…12 minutes and 27 seconds!!!!!!!

That is over 3 minutes better than my first time, and only 20 seconds behind Shauna. I was genuinely SHOCKED. I did gave it absolutely everything though. It just goes to show you what focus can do – with a little bit of focus and a hell of a lot of hard work, you can do anything.

I am not sure how better I can do with that time. I think if I tweak my strategy some more, I could get it down to under 12 minutes but after that, I will be looking at knocking seconds off my time.

I am so delighted with myself. However, if I had chickened out of launching this blog, or if it had not been so popular, I really don’t think I would be half as focussed. So for that, my good people, thank you.

To everyone who has messaged me, commented on my Facebook status, Tweeted to me or whatever….thank you! And to Conor – I bet you will be my biggest follower. 

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  1. Well done you! You're doing super and you've getting me back into a super motivated frame of mind! I'll be following intently! X


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